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Schedule: Thursdays from 7 pm to 9.30 pm.

Entry: Young people from 16 years with an appropriate level of music reading ability, notions of vocal technique and passing an audition. All members of the choir must take singing lessons.
To join the Cor Jove, you need a knowledge music reading, notions of vocal technique, and you must pass a singing audition and aural test. Contact us if you want to take an audition and we will arrange a date and time.

The Cor Jove Amics de la Unió introduces its members to singing in a group of mixed voices. It has a varied repertoire, but pays special attention to modern and popular music. Highlights among its most recent ventures are the show Després del Jazz, a performance of Fauré’s Requiem together with four other choirs and the Orquesta de Cambra de Granollers and the musical Arestes, by Jordi Purtí. The choir travels frequently to take part in festivals and has organised various different exchanges with other choirs, such as Prague’s Coro Besharmonie and the Coro Pasaia Abesbatza from Guipúzcoa. Marta Dosaiguas is the choir’s conductor.

Cor Jove Amics de la Unió’s Regular Activities:
  • Christmas Concerts 
  • Various different concert opportunities that arise during the year.
  • Taking part in festivals.
  • Exchanges with other choirs.
  • Singing lessons.




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